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Sita Mala - Truly Devoted
Sita Mala - Truly Devoted

Sita Mala - Truly Devoted

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Sita is one of the most kind Goddesses that one encounters in Hinduism. Though she appears in the Ramayana as the consort of Lord Rama,  she is known very well in her own right, for her own virtuous qualities. Goddess Sita represents a perfect example of loyalty, and is worshiped as both a mother goddess and an earth goddess.  Invoke sita to remind you how to behave in a manner that is both right and virtuous, and remain gracious throughout hardships. This mala will help you find the peace after the trouble and in spite of obsticles, remain a good, kind person who knows what is right and who is worthy of estimation.

Maa Stones:

Peach Moonstone

Smoky Quartz

Green Kyanite