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Yellow Opal

Yellow Opal is a stone of emotional stability. It is often used to amplify positive emotions. It is great for removing blockages, particularly ones that are self imposed and limit personal growth. Known as the 'Stone of Comfort', yellow opal brings comfort and soothing qualities especially to babies in times of any upset or discomfort, as well as improvement and ease to neurological health.  It enhances visualisation, imagination and cosmic consciousness, holding the physical existence back enough for exploration to go ahead.
This is a stone that enhances creativity. Yellow Opal encourages its keeper to see the bigger picture and imagine past the present. It is a stone that help turn dreams into reality.

Appearance: Pale yellow to Dark mustard yellow with black inclusions. Translucent to opaque. 

Hardness:  5.5-6

Chakra: Crown and Solar

Element: Earth and Water