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Our names are Meagan Corbett and Zoey Stimpson. We are two small but fiery young women from Vancouver, Canada who believe we are powerful enough to make a difference. For many years, we have dabbled in service projects and volunteer trips, stirring our passion to help, but never being entirely sure where to focus our efforts. Last year, we were made aware of the devastating effect of the Sex Trade in India and it struck a chord; we refuse to sit idle any longer. Being educated, fortunate young women, we saw an opportunity to help other women in need. We have committed to rescuing those that we can, encouraging those we can’t, and teaching those who are vulnerable how to protect their hearts and their health.
“We’ve promised ourselves to never underestimate our communities potential.”
Change Her World is committed to raising funds to support women and children who have been rescued from the sex trade. In collaboration with Off the Mat Into the World our goal is to provide long-term financial support for organizations that currently supply survivors with the safe and effective facilities that they need in order to move forward.