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Maa Stories

Heidi MacPherson - Tofino, BC -2015

Sonny met me for coffee and I explained my intent for my new mala. At the time, my life was going through a lot of changes and I was having some challenges processing the transition. Sonny listened deeply and I could tell she was going to design the perfect piece for me. I let her have complete creative control and I'm so glad that I did. A few weeks later, she delivered a beautiful bracelet. The potency of the stones led me through my challenges throughout the entire year. Each morning, the stones guided me through meditation until the day where I felt myself naturally gravitating to my seat, realizing that I was clearly and willingly guiding myself.

Eventually, the stones just became a part of me, like an everyday piece of jewellery. I attended a class where we were practicing forearm stand so I slipped it off and placed it beside my mat. At the end of class and heavily under the influence of yoga brain, I left the bracelet behind. Moments later, I went back to retrieve it and I saw through the corner of my eye, a young woman pick it up. I never saw my bracelet again. Instead of being upset and confronting her, I smiled and accepted that the bracelet had served me well and I was ready to move forward without it. If my mala is on the wrist of this young woman, I know it is serving her well.

It seemed so easy to let it go, just as it felt so natural to let go and close the doors behind me. Moving forward, letting the bracelet go brought a multitude of exciting opportunities and now I'm ready for my next mala to guide me through my adventure. Can't wait to see what Serena designs for me.

Heidi MacPherson