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Hawk's Eye

 Hawk's Eye is a Shamanic stone, helpful to anyone undertaking magical journeys, astral travel or spiritual challenges. Meditation with this stone can help you to understand and accept change and transition, and learn to 'go with the flow' rather than fighting against the inevitable. It is a useful stone if you are working with grief and encourages the understanding that transition is not an ending, but rather a new beginning. Hawk's Eye is also used in rituals and meditation to help connect to the energy of past lives. 

It is sometimes known as 'the falcon's eye', or as 'blue tiger's eye'. It is used for many metaphysical purposes. It is believed to help those with a fear of flying. It is thought to be good for sight and vision, enhancing our ability to focus. Physically, it is often used for problems with eyesight, but it is also helpful for sinus congestion, as well as spine and neck problems.

Appearance: Hawk's eye is normally blue-gray to blue-green in color. Some materials may contain higher levels of oxidized iron, which results in a more bluish-brown color. Like tiger's eye, hawk's eye is typically multicolored with golden stripes or wavy patterns.

Hardness: 6.5-7

Chakra: Third Eye

Element: Air