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Although whipping malas around may make for outstanding photography and beautifully tousled hair, you run the risk of damaging your new best friend.  We understand that sometimes life gets pretty exciting, and this can lead to spontanious kitchen dance parties - so this is a friendly reminder that the Malas are made with silk cord and are designed for meditation purposes. If you choose to wear your mala as a jewellery piece please take care of it, it is delicate - think wine glasses on a camping trip.  

Avoid wearing your Mala in water, this will comprise the strength of the string. The glue is industrial strength, but it can stop adhering if it gets wet.

For energetic cleansing, smudge with sage rather then water or liquid. Also avoid hanging your Mala when you are not wearing or counting with it.

When not in use, store in a sacred container.

**Please note that items damaged from contact with water, lotions, hair products, perfumes or other substances used in everyday life can not be repaired or replaced without a fee.

  • Remove mala before taking a shower, swimming, exercise, cleaning or blueberry picking.
  • Don’t use cleansers to clean mala.
  • When not wearing your jewelry store it in it’s box, a pouch, soft cloth wraps. I recommend using the same sacred storage place each time.

Please remember that Malas are fragile and should be worn with care if being used for anything other than your mantra practice. A re-string is available for $35-45 plus shipping.

Mala Repair

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding MAA policies before you make your purchase.