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Maa Story


We at Maa MALA are lovers, lovers of yoga and crystals, of hope and joy, of endless possibility.

We believe that you create your reality by the way you choose to think. 

We believe the choice is yours, and we have created a tool to help you on your journey of life.

Maa Mala is a marriage of the old tradition of mantra meditation and the new wave of positive thinking  strung magically into a elegant string of beads.

It all started with my word of the year. Have you ever done that?, pick one word as a  foundational intention for the year?.

Intention is the starting point of every path.  It is the force that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening or love.  Everything that we can see, and even the things we can not, are an expression of intentions infinite power.

My word was create.   As a single mother with a limited support system in knew i would need to set this intention.  At that point I was working 2-3 jobs to support myself and my boys in paradisial sea to sky, Squamish BC.  I didn't see my boys that often and this was not acceptable to me or them.  I set the vision and began the manifestation.  Create was my word that infused itself into all my actions, mantra, practice.  It was at the forefront of my mind. I would create the life I wanted, deserved.  I would provide for myself and be the mother my boys deserved.

The ancient practice of mantra is one of the most powerful ways I know to help manifest these intentions.  

I envisioned a life working from home, utilizing my creative brain and most of all present to watch my children live.

Then, my life started to seemingly fall apart.  A horrible car accident, ended relationship, and less time with my boys then before.   

We learn in yoga that resistance creates tension. This was not the creation I wanted to attract.  I reminded myself daily that sometimes our life falls apart so the right one can fall into place. I made a point of surrendering to the journey yet actively aligning myself with my goals.  I wanted nothing more then to  live life fully and be there to love my boys.  My mantra became LIVE . LOVE. CREATE.

I then started making mala beads for my practice.  I knew these were an ancient tool used in meditation to help keep count of mantra repitiion (japa).  I strung in crystals that i loved and knew resonated with my mantra to enhance the practice.  My friends started to ask me for them as well and before long the orders were flowing in.  I ended up quitting my job to make room for the orders, this allowed me more time to be home, to be a mother.

The relationship I have with my children continues to strengthen and the trust of my youngest has made a noticeable improvement with his disabilities.  I continue to ask daily,  live with purpose,  love my life,  create my reality. Hey, if I don't who will….?

Maa, (or ma\) is the sanskrit word for create, mother, to bring to existence. I believe we all have maa deep inside  and sometimes need a daily reminder to bring it to the surface. We all deserve to have the life we want.  You can create your own reality and results, and the whole process begins with your thoughts.