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Well it looks as though you had a break-through. Literally.

The spiritual explanation for a broken mala is a bit more complex. Many people believe that a broken mala represents a breakthrough from troublesome patterns and a release of your karmic ties. Gemstones also have a way of releasing us once they've served their purpose. If your gemstone is done with you, it might just fall right off your body as a way to let you know. Your broken mala is a symbol of tremendous personal growth. Well done!, ( insert slow-clap here ).

Some people like to offer their broken mala as a gift to the earth by burying it in the dirt. Others keep their malas around as a reminder of their spiritual growth. If you'd like your mala restrung, we can do that for you too!

Simply add the correct “Mala Repair” below to your cart and select “Check Out”.

Send your broken Mala to:
28-41449 Government Rd.
Squamish, BC
V8B 0G4

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